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Since its founding over 10 years ago, Forever Corporation has grown to become one of the Premier suppliers of paints and coatings. Paints Forever has been at the forefront of paint manufacturing across the region and is the premier decorative paints brand of the top growing decorative paints company. During this tenure: Company has steadily expanded its strong technological background, professional staff, operational staff, product quality and customer base, to help you build relationships that encourage business success.

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  • Affordable Cost and Better Quality

  • Smooth and Perfecy Finishing


Paints Forever's emulsion paint gives a beautiful finish to the surface of your walls at an affordable cost. It gives 15% more coverage than average distemper. Instead of traditional solvents like turpentine or mineral spirits, emulsion paint use water as the solvent


The primer facilitates improved paint coverage, enhances paint adherence, seals porous surfaces, and contributes to the creation of a smooth and uniform surface for painting. It also aids in preventing tannin bleed-through, covering up existing colors, and blocking stains.

Water Proofing

Water proofing aids in avoiding water infiltration into your home's walls, which can cause problems like mould, mildew, flaking, and dampness. Our product is made specifically for situations like this. There's no need for leakage every year, just get a wall coverage of our waterproofing products.


Forever's paint solvents have excellent thinning properties that are required to balance the consistency of an oil-based paint. Its powerful blend effectively removes many coatings, even tough oil-based paints and lacquers.

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